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Funded by the advertising industry

The Advertising Code Foundation. So you can rely on Dutch advertising.

The Advertising Code Foundation (SRC) has been the leading authority on self-regulation of advertising since 1963. The SRC promotes responsible advertising with the aim of ensuring the reliability and credibility of advertising.

The SRC can only do its work with the help of funding from the advertising business community.

All advertisers with a total annual gross media spend of €1 million or more will receive a payment request*.

How is the amount of the SRC contribution determined?

In April/May all advertisers receive an invoice for an amount of 0.025% of their gross media spend of the previous calendar year. That is € 250 per € 1 million of gross media spend. The annual contribution is based on the expenditure of the previous year, as drawn up by Nielsen.

Why do we calculate based on gross media spend?

Nielsen measures media spend to give a picture of the developments of the advertising market in the Netherlands. The media spend is registered by Nielsen in gross figures. This is based on the rate cards of the publishers. Any discounts, barter deals and other individual price agreements are not taken into account.

See here for an explanation: gross and net media spend by Nielsen.

Your Gross vs. Net Media Spending

The SRC contribution is based on gross media spend because:

  • that is how a fair, proportionate contribution per advertiser can be charged, proportionate to media visibility;
  • net media spend is not recorded (per individual advertiser) by Nielsen.

We are aware that net media spend is significantly lower than the gross amounts on which your contribution is based. This calculation of the amount of the SRC contribution per advertiser leads to the fairest possible distribution of the total costs, in proportion to the total spend.

More information about the work of the SRC, our services, the Dutch Advertising Code and our annual reports (in Dutch) can be found on this website.

*If there is a holding or group of companies, the gross media expenses of all the companies belonging to the holding or group are added.

Why do you pay being an advertiser?

Advertising is an indispensable marketing tool. The opportunities you have as an advertiser for your commercial communications are great and will remain great, if this is done in a responsible manner. The Advertising Code Foundation promotes responsible advertising with the aim of ensuring the reliability and credibility of advertising.

The advertising business community, which is represented in the Advertising Code Foundation by various (branch) organizations, likes to specify when and what limits it applies to advertising. These rules are included in the Dutch Advertising Code.

SRC guards, as it were, the playing field for advertising. Self-regulation helps prevent legal advertising bans and is the instrument for maintaining optimum freedom in advertising.

Thanks to everyone’s contribution, together we create reliability of Dutch advertising.

Contribution to the SRC based on article 19 Dutch Advertising Code (NRC)

All advertisers with a total gross media spend of €1 million per year or more receive an annual payment request.

To ensure that the SRC can continue its work, the financial contribution is laid down in article 19 of the NRC. That is why SRC is allowed to publish the names of any non-contributing advertisers and ask media operators to (temporarily) bar advertisements from non-contributing advertisers.

Article 19 of the Dutch Advertising Code (NRC) reads:

At the request of the President of the Advertising Code Committee, organizations and institutions which publish advertisements are bound to submit a valid proof of payment of the financial contribution, yearly stipulated by the Advertising Code Authority.


Request for payment of SRC contribution

Each year the Advertising Code Foundation (SRC) decides from which advertisers an SRC contribution will be requested. In the 1st quarter of each calendar year, the advertisers concerned are informed in writing of the amount of the financial contribution with a request to pay this within 14 days of receipt.

Additional services for advertisers who contribute financially

Benefit from the advantages of a self-regulatory system:

  • the possibility (through their trade associations) of drawing up their own rules for responsible advertising;
  • expert review of complaints about advertising (by professionals, consumer representatives and independent chairpersons working in the judiciary);
  • a cost-effective complaints procedure:
  • and, above all, the preservation of freedom to advertise.
  • Access to advice (under certain conditions and for a small additional fee) on copy in commercial communications (not yet disclosed).
  • Discount on procedural costs for disputes before the (chairperson of the) Advertising Code Committee (RCC) and/or the Board of Appeal (BoA).
  • Free access to a pan-European network for copy advice on cross-border campaigns.

Parties Involved

The following organizations are represented in the Platform of Participants of the Advertising Code Foundation:


Association of Advertisers (BvA)

Federation of the Dutch Food Industry (FNLI)

Dutch Association “Bicycles and Automotive Industry” (RAI)

Responsible Alcohol Use Foundation (STIVA)

General Netherlands Association of Travel Enterprises (ANVR)

Inspection Board KOAG/KAG

Dutch Cosmetics Association (NCV)

Netherlands Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG)

Platform for games of chance offered by licensees pursuant to the Law on Games of Chance

Dutch Brewers

Charities Netherlands


NDP News Media

Magazine Media Association (MMA)

Data Driven Marketing Association (DDMA)

VIA Netherlands*


Ether Advertising Foundation (STER)

Regional Public Broadcasting Foundation (RPO)

Netherlands Local Public Broadcasting Foundation (NLPO)


Mail DB

Stichting Postfilter (Postal Filter Foundation)

Mobile Services Code of Conduct Foundation

The Customer Service Federation (KSF)

Radio Advisory Bureau (RAB)



VIA Netherlands*

Media Advisory Agencies Platform (PMA)


ANWB Association

Verenging Eigen Huis (Home Owners Association)


* From VIA Netherlands, online media are represented in the Channel column. Creative consultancies are represented in the Creation column.


If you have a question about the SRC contribution that is not answered on this website, please contact the Finance Department:

Stichting Reclame Code

Buitenveldertselaan 106

1081 AB Amsterdam

Telephone: 020 – 301 33 92

Email: finance@reclamecode.nl

Our account number:

Rabobank NL68 RABO 01687.09.767, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Attn:: Stichting Reclame Code

Chamber of Commerce 41197814


Nederlandse Reclame Code

Hier vindt u de regels van de Nederlandse Reclame Code en de werkwijze van de Reclame Code Commissie en het College van Beroep.

Nederlandse Reclame Code
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