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11. Appeal procedure

11. Appeal procedure


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11. Appeal procedure

Should the complainant and/or advertiser fail to agree with the decision of the Advertising Code Committee, they can lodge an appeal with the Board of Appeal. The appellant shall ensure that his appeal is in the possession of the Board of Appeal within 14 days, and in urgent cases, within 7 days after the decision was taken. The appellant’s appeal is due to a financial contribution to SRC. See chapter 6 for the height of the complaint fee. This contribution must be paid within 14 days following a request made by the Board. Only after that the Board takes the appeal into consideration.

The appeal shall contain the following information:

a.   the name and address of the appellant;

b.   the date and file number of the decision under appeal;

c.   the objections to the decision.

The appeal shall be filed in eight-fold upon request of the Board of Appeal .

A copy of the appeal is sent to the opposing party, which is allowed 14 days to put forward a defence. If considered necessary by the Board of Appeal, each party may respond in writing to the statements of the other party. Both parties can orally explain their standpoint at the hearing of the Board of Appeal. The decision of the Board of Appeal is sent to all parties, thereby definitively concluding the procedure.