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3. Affiliated organizations

3. Affiliated organizations


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3. Affiliated organizations

The following organizations are affiliated with the Advertising Code Authority. They all have a representative in the Advertising Code Authority’s Platform of Participants.




  • Data Driven Marketing Association (DDMA) www.ddma.nl
  • NDP Nieuwsmedia www.ndpnieuwsmedia.nl (NDP News Media)
  • Magazine Media Associatie (MMA) www.mma.nl
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau in the Netherlands (IAB) www.iab.nl
  • Thuiswinkel.org www.thuiswinkel.org (Dutch Home Shopping Organization)
  • Stichting Etherreclame (STER) www.ster.nl (Organization for Ether Advertising)
  • Stichting Regionale Publieke Omroep (RPO) www.stichtingrpo.nl (Organization for Regional Public Broadcasting)\
  • Stichting Nederlandse Lokale Publieke Omroepen (NLPO) www.nlpo.nl (Organization of Local Broadcasters in the Netherlands)
  • Screenforce www.screenforce.nl (Dutch association for knowledge and promotion of linear and non-linear video advertising)
  • Radio Advies Bureau (RAB) www.rab.fm (Radio advertising association
  • Klantenservice Federatie (KSF) www.klantenservicefederatie.nl (Customer Service Federation)
  • MailDB www.maildb.nl
  • Stichting Postfilter www.postfilter.nl (Postfilter Association)
  • Stichting Gedragscodes Mobiele Diensten www.payinfo.nl (Association code of conduct Mobiel services)\
  • Outreach www.outreach.nl (Outdoor advertising association)



  • Vereniging van Communicatieadviesbureaus (VEA) www.vea.nl (Association of Communication Consultancy Agencies)
  • Platform Media-Adviesbureaus (PMA) www.pma-bureaus.nl (Platform media agencies)