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2. The Dutch Advertising Code

2. The Dutch Advertising Code


A. General
B. Special Advertising Codes
C. General recomendations
D. Working Procedure

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2. The Dutch Advertising Code

The Dutch Advertising Code (hereinafter: the Advertising Code) is divided into a General Section and a Section of Special Advertising Codes. The General Section contains a body of rules with which all advertising should comply. The former stipulates, among other   things, that advertisements may not be misleading or untrue. This section also contains a number of subjective standards, one of which stipulates that advertising must not be gratuitously offensive or at odds with good taste and decency. Apart from the General Section, the Special Codes may apply to advertising for specific products and services.

The Advertising Code applies to all advertising irrespective of the medium used, unless explicitly stipulated otherwise in the Code.    Article 1 of the Dutch Advertising Code contains an explanation of what is meant by ‘advertising’. The text of this article can be found in the provisions of the Dutch Advertising Code.