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Nederlandse Reclame Code

Nederlandse Reclame Code


A. General
B. Special Advertising Codes
C. General recomendations
D. Working Procedure

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Special Advertising Codes

Where in these codes is referred to advertising, this is held to be advertising as defined in article 1 of the General part of the Dutch Advertising Code.

A.  KOAG/KAG Approval Board 2012
In the case of complaints about advertisements evaluated by the Inspection Board for the Commendation of Health Products (KAG) the Advertising Code Committee or Board of Appeal can take into account the decision of the KAG.

B.  Courses
Advertisements for courses shall provide a faithful picture of the institution that organizes the course and under whose auspices the course is given, as well as of the course itself. The advertising shall refrain from any suggestion of results which cannot reasonably be expected and the mentioning of non-recognized ‘degrees’.

C.   Contests 2012
Advertisements in printed and electronic media announcing a contest shall contain at least the following information:

a.   name and complete address of the organizer of the contest;

b.   the number of prizes and a description from which their monetary value is known or can easily be derived;

c.   the latest date of submission of the contest form;

d.   any exclusions from participation;

e.   date of results and manner in which they are to be announced.

f.    in case special conditions apply to be able to participate in a contest, a short description of those conditions.

D.  Loans, Investments and Real Estate

Loans and investments

Advertisements for forms of saving, loans and/or investments shall contain no claims which can mislead the general public regarding the terms of the loan or securities on offer, actual or estimated earnings, or the terms of interest payments and redemption.

Real Estate

Advertisements for transactions concerning real estate shall contain no misleading or grossly exaggerated claims concerning ownership  or the transfer of ownership of the land and the premises which are, or will be built on it and related matters such as materials, facilities, location, required (statutory) formalities, rights, price and financing options. Exceptional care shall be exercised in advertising for real estate located abroad.

E.   Outwork
Advertisements for outwork shall give a faithful description of the work concerned and state the expected remuneration. When proposals are made to charge for the use of machinery or raw materials or parts, or when the advertiser proposes purchasing the goods made by the outworker, the advertisement shall contain all relevant information. The name and address of the advertiser shall be stated in full.

F.  Tobacco Products
Radio and television advertisements of tobacco products are prohibited, except for advertising in tobacco shops or in a tobacco sales outlet with a lockable entrance door in a grocery shop or department store, clearly separated from the rest of the shop (for specific definitions and exceptions see section 5 of the Dutch Tobacco Law).