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5. Complaint submission

5. Complaint submission


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5. Complaint submission

All complaints must be submitted via the electronic complaint  form or by post. A complaint must be provided with reasons and supported by documentation if possible. If a complaint is submitted by post, then the complaint should contain at least the following information:

  • whether the complaint submitted as a private person or in the course of his profession/business
  • name, address and place of residence, if possible a telephone number and e-mail address
  • against which advertisement the complaint is addressed
  • where and when the advertising message was seen/heard
  • with respect to the advertisement that is complained about:
    • in the case of a complaint about an advertisement on an internet site the page(s) against which the objection is lodged shall be printed (e.g. with print screen) and submitted to the Committee. Per page shall be indicated which phrase or part thereof is objected against.
    • if the complaint regards a printed advertising message, the advertisement concerned should be submitted to the Committee
    • where the objection concerns an audio-visual advertisement, it should be depicted as clearly as possible in order to retrieve the advertisement from the media-institution.
    • an advertisement distributed by a medium for outdoor advertising as for example a bus shelter, billboard or hoarding should be described as clearly as possible in order to retrieve the advertisement concerned from the advertiser.
    • complaint motivation: why the complainant thinks the advertisement in question violates the Advertising Code.

The Committee may require the complaint and accompanying enclosures to be submitted in eight-fold.


The postal address for submitting a written complaint is:

Stichting Reclame Code
Attn. Reclame Code Commissie
Postbus 75684
1070 AR Amsterdam